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User Focused R&D

Thanks to our R&D studies specific to companies and users, it makes hardware and software designs suitable for your project requests. We support until the mass production band is passed.

Product Development And Remote Control

Do you have a product and want to control it remotely with Android/IOS, web interface or desktop applications?

Custom Energy Monitoring & Control Solutions Built For Your Business And Built To Last

Our purpose is to optimize and streamline remote & rural electrification in East & Sub-Sahara Africa.

Real-time Analytics

We believe data is significant in today’s technology. With machine learning, Monicont uses historical data to bring the best out of energy assets.

Control Software Development

Monicont software Engineers have the passion to create solutions, from Central Monitoring Stations, SCADA and Mobile Monitoring. At Monicont, we believe different clients have different needs that's why we offer custom software solutions to allow our customers have user friendly services in order to create a productive environment.

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